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Really Easy

I suck at these games but I still found this to be too easy.


Well it is a little hard. I lost interest after the first girl. Too hard I'd say and not a great reward for the effort.


Great Work

This is a very well done and complicated game. Its not easy either. I was at day 98 when I finnaly got the girl. It is a cool game, you earn money, and points in strength charm, and inteligence. I only boosted up on charm and strength, it served me well. Also there is a dress up game within this, like a mini game, great work!


Nice Females

Well its a little too hard to play, ugh, hard...


Not that fun to me

Well I didn't really have fun with it. I am not a skating fanatic, I play tony hawk and thats all I know about skating. But the main thing is this game is gay to me. I didn't enjoy it, the graphics suck kinda bad but I can see you put a lot of effort into it and most people seem to like it so, next time just improve the graphics and gameplay.


Sorry but not much to it

I'm sure u prolly took a while making it but its a lil too basic. Spend some more time, make more outfits, and give her reaction to the users anoyying pokes and prods.

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Pretty Funny

I'd have liked it better with different anwers, they weren't like super duper funny or anything. Pretty funny ending tho!

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http://www.newgrounds.com/po rtal/view.php?id=34506
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YAY!!! I love punching nerds!

Well even tho it's a simplistic game, it is very fun. I was laugghing my butt off punching him, haha! NERDS!!! Hahaha! HAHAHA!!! I love it!


Not TOO Scary Encounter

I liked it but it wasn't as startling as it could be, the alien wasn't scary, but at least the floating head was erie. It's a well done movie and I applaud Maniac for the randomizing code, seems difficult even tho I have barely delt with flash. Allrighty then. Good job!


Great flick, very funny!

I liked it a lot, the AIM guy's attacks were funny! I loved the disconnect thing, haha!


If you want to be an artist just make what you want and hope others can like it too. -IAN-

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