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Characters = High Score

Okay, it was cute. I was surprised to see Star Control 2 characters in there like the Arilou and the Spathi, and was that a Vux? But I also don't think this animation is worthy of a top slot on the top 50 of all time.

Shows how established characters always get high ratings. Anyway its cute and catchy so I didn't give it a low score either.

Lot's of work for - ??

It's easy to see a lot of work went into making this, but in the end, it makes no sense and it's not funny. Now I can get into Aqua Teen Hunger Force and South Park which this thing obviously draws a lot of inspiration from. But after the first Charlie video the rest isn't surprising, scary, or shocking at all. I'd suggest the creator to spend time making some new characters so that we can be surprised again by some other random story.


Nice animation I guess? Other than that - totally lame, not funny, not even in a clock crew crappy kind of way.

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Really Easy

I suck at these games but I still found this to be too easy.


Well it is a little hard. I lost interest after the first girl. Too hard I'd say and not a great reward for the effort.


Great Work

This is a very well done and complicated game. Its not easy either. I was at day 98 when I finnaly got the girl. It is a cool game, you earn money, and points in strength charm, and inteligence. I only boosted up on charm and strength, it served me well. Also there is a dress up game within this, like a mini game, great work!


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Nice beat

It's good. I wanna hear some lyrics on i tho - and I wasn't really feeling the slow-mo voices in the background...

protcentA responds:

the slow-mo voices are ProtcentA and NSP

uuuuuuuuuuuhhhhh - fap fap fap fap...

Yeah - thats pretty creepy...

'The Megas' Style!

Very cool! It's got that kinda sloppy 90's style to it and sounds really fun and different from other renditions.

If you want to be an artist just make what you want and hope others can like it too. -IAN-

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