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Characters = High Score

Okay, it was cute. I was surprised to see Star Control 2 characters in there like the Arilou and the Spathi, and was that a Vux? But I also don't think this animation is worthy of a top slot on the top 50 of all time.

Shows how established characters always get high ratings. Anyway its cute and catchy so I didn't give it a low score either.

Lot's of work for - ??

It's easy to see a lot of work went into making this, but in the end, it makes no sense and it's not funny. Now I can get into Aqua Teen Hunger Force and South Park which this thing obviously draws a lot of inspiration from. But after the first Charlie video the rest isn't surprising, scary, or shocking at all. I'd suggest the creator to spend time making some new characters so that we can be surprised again by some other random story.


Nice animation I guess? Other than that - totally lame, not funny, not even in a clock crew crappy kind of way.


Funny but the ending kinda sucked - nothing really creepy or freaky happened to him.


Funny overall some parts of animation were far superior to others. Also a lot of jokes leaned too hard on nostalgia and weren't all that funny. Other parts were genuinely hilarious. Mixed bag, good overall.

for the lawls

Pure old school newgrounds material! That being said - it really doesn't deserve a 10 - although it's funny!

It's over now eh?

This movie was the weakest of the 5 I would say but still a lot better than the majority of animations on Newgrounds. I have been working for a long time to create an animation of this level and after many years I still have not succeeded. I am really interested to see the next thing to come from this creative mind! Good luck!


How can so much emotion be aroused from a Cat and a Bunny. Great animation and direction plus a wonderful song, make it happen!


Nice writing, good animation, nice artwork. Very trendy art style that is popular these days, I like it! Nice color palate too.

Very Nice!

Very impressive use of music and the effects on offer with Flash. Lots of detail even in the quick clips of war and such things.

Only thing that I think would have been more convincing is if it was North Korea rather than Iran starting trouble.

If you want to be an artist just make what you want and hope others can like it too. -IAN-

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